The "Matrix" was a coined by my good friend Craig Smith. At its core, Suncoast Preamps, Compressor and Two Notes Torpedo Cab. Eventide effects are the best in the business and I love the creative options they give me.


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Rig Rundown As of August 2016

As Many of you might know already, I 'm always tinkering with tones and figuring out new ways to do stuff. While some things remain the same, Change is inevitable as technology comes up with ways to capture things more efficiently. I have actually developed  multiple rigs to use on different gigs I do. I love the sound of ALL TUBE heads. There is a Girth to them that Class D Technology cannot seem to capture as of yet. The core of my tone is Suncoast Bass Preamps . I cannot Say enough about these. Amazing tones for anything. I use the 500 series modules, B1P and F2P. After that its into a compressor and out to my Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Cab or Torpedo Live which has a Custom 15 Speaker Setting. then into a Radial JDI and that is my Front Of House Tone. Two Notes Products Revolutionized the Way my whole concept of getting overdrive to sound good direct into a PA or DAW. this brings me to Speakers...After Owning Many Configs over the years, I have gone back to 15s and 18s which is where I started out. I used 810 cabs for a long time but was never happy with them as pertaining to what I need to hear and feel for my style of playing. I am also using ALOT less volume than years past due to In Ear Monitors. Basically my CABS are on just loud enough for my singer to hear and to fill center stage. I encourage everyone to protect your hearing at all costs, you cannot get it back.