Michael Amico 
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  • Bass Solo 8-11-124:40
  • Chorale 10:35
  • Flight(Piccolo Bass)3:05
  • Frantic Bass0:21
  • Bass Solo 1992 Water Street Music Hall Rochester New York6:57
  • Catharsis3:12
  • The Killing Time 3:28
  • Out of The Ashes3:24
  • Race With The Devil2:59
  • Rite Of Passage2:18
  • Miles Away1:59
  • Empire2:21
  • Rising Sun1:33
  • Fire Burns1:54
  • Bass Solo 1989 Swizzles In Scranton PA6:52
  • Little Wing With Greg Went on Guitar7:44
  • Basement 19881:48

Michael Was Featured in the January 2016 Bass Player  Magazine! Many Thanks To All At Bass Player Magazine.

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Thank you

Michael would like to thank the following people, band leaders, teachers, and individuals for invaluable advice and assistance in his musical career:

Tony Gross, Guy Cintrinite Jr., Beaver Felton, Matthew "Maddi" Schieferstien, Mike Varney, Pat Travers, Ansley Dunbar, Steve Fister, Dawn Degeorge, Stacy Serio, Penny Easton, "Theo" Theodis Anderson,Don Barnard, Aldo Nova and all the Club owners and Venues that have allowed me to play for so many years. Couldn't have done it without all of you.

And to all of the people who have spent time listening to me play over the years, I am honored, humbled beyond words that you have allowed me to play for you.

Simply.... Thank You.